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  • Industrial Services – Södertälje El-team

    Industrial Services – Södertälje El-team

    The N4 Group includes Södertälje Electrical team, an electrical installer with a focus on process and automation systems with more than 30 years of experience.
    We are located in Södertälje and have most of our customers in Mälardalen.
    We have extensive experience in complete customized process and automation systems for the research and manufacturing industry, where we are responsible for the production process and the plant’s maintenance.
    We offer our customers tailor-made solutions in all areas.
    Our commitment includes everything from simple smaller installations to advanced new / remodeling of complete systems and plants.

    • Hire one of our engineers / technicians with expert knowledge for consulting and execution.

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    For description and specification of services as well as advice and tips see the service portfolio below: