Beckman Coulter Biomek FX (301-2925)

Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter
Model: Biomek FX
Condition: Used
Test Performed: No test performed 
Warranty: “as is” with no warranties
Price: 40000 SEK

The Biomek FX, manufactured by Beckman Coulter, is an automated liquid handler designed to facilitate laboratory procedures. This multiaxis liquid-handling instrument gives labs walk-away functionality so that procedures can be carried out with ease and precision. Featuring an open-architecture design, the modular system is capable of incorporating a variety of components for handling protocols. Compatibility with such a variety of instruments means the system can accommodate current and future laboratory needs. This modularity makes the system valuable in many research atmospheres, particularly in drug discovery applications. 

The Biomek FX is designed to handle a wide range of tasks in liquid-handling. The foundation of this versatility is a stainless steel deck that forms the work surface of the system. This deck is made up of three sections that are removable so as to accommodate external devices. By placing these devices on the workspace, they are accessible by the pod that performs handling tasks. Devices include a range of stackers, shakers, and vacuum manifolds among others. These allow variability in throughput and function of liquid-handling procedures. In addition to incorporating external devices, the deck is also designed with pre-drilled holes that facilitate the operation of automated labware positioners (ALPs). 

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