Sales Services

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Sales Services

We offer expertise to ensure the optimal investment; from acquisition to disposal of instruments and equipment. Companies and organizations often undergo both expansion and change phases when they need to ensure that they spend budgeted money in the best possible way.

We help the client to minimize investment costs and return capital to the customer if the focus is changed or divested for continued profitable growth.

We contribute to the utilization of investments and settlement in a resource- and cost-effective and sustainable way. We develop, propose and implement future investments and divestments of instruments and equipment.

N4 ensures:

  • that future investments are the most optimal for the entire life cycle.
  • the right cost of operation and maintenance during the life cycle.
  • the right choice so that instruments and equipment are sold or scrapped so that the customer can release capital.

Contact us so tell us we will learn more about how we can help you release capital

Hire us for a review and analysis of the possibilities based on investment, installation, operating and maintenance costs, sales, dismantling, transport, shipping of equipment and design of contracts etc.